Signing up for Rethink is easy! Navagate to, and you will see the following fields:

Type in your name, email, and preferred bassword and click "Create My Account"! You will then be redirected to a page asking for a code to confirm your email. Check the inbox and spam folders of the email you signed up with for your six digit code! If you are not receiving a code, please reach out to Rethink support at

Once you have verified your email, you will be asked if you would like to enter a coupon code. The next screen will ask if you would like to enable 2 Factor Authentication for your Rethink account. After that, you will see a screen to choose your storage plan! Every user gets 10GB of free lifetime storage, and we also offer the following subscriptions:

Next, you will be walked through the process of connecting your external cloud drives! Clicking on any of the 12 integration options will bring up a new window for you to enter your login information for the platform you chose. Integrating with Gmail requires an in-app password, which you can find instructions for here. Once you have submitted your login information, the window should go blank and automatically close. Once you see confirmation on the Rethink page that the connection is installed, you can close the extra window!

Once you have added your cloud drives, click "Continue" to access your new Rethink account!

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