To store a linked file directly in your Rethink account, you will first need to move the file into one of your Cloud Drives. To do so, click on the three dots on the right side of one of your files and select "Add to Cloud Drive," or drag and drop the file directly into your drive.

Once you have moved the file, this window will appear:

You will be given the option to either link the file to your drive or to store it.

  • If you choose link, a copy of the link will be added to your drive. Clicking the link will open the file in it's native app in a new tab, and clicking a copied file will open it within Rethink itself.
  • If you choose store, the file will be stored onto your drive and it will use a portion your Rethink storage, whereas a linked file would not use any storage.

Once a file is stored, it will have a green check icon like this:

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