Google is a leader in nearly every online industry, and while they provide public access for third-party platforms like Rethink to integrate with their network, they also enforce strict security measures. Because we do not yet have full permissions from Google, you currently have to use Google’s file picker modal to move files into Rethink. 

We are actively developing a direct integration with the entire GSuite that operates under full permissions from Google! Due to the scale and complexity of this particular connection partner, we are still anticipating that this process will take several months. We hope to bring a robust integration to our upcoming release, as it is one of the most requested features from our users! Once our desktop app is released, you will be able to sync your Google Drive to a folder on your desktop which you can then sync to Rethink. 

We understand that while building this integration is a large undertaking, it is also heavily saught after by our customers. If you are ever curious about our progress with this, please feel free to reach out to us through the chat feature in the bottom right corner of the page, or via email!

For additional questions please reach out to

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